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The FAQs of Everlea’s Young Families

From the day we opened our doors at the Everlea Display Suite, we have had the fortune of welcoming a great number of young families, looking for a home to live in what will be an exciting new chapter of life. From expecting parents to families with school-aged children, Everlea… Read More

Less Maintenance, More Comfort | 5 Reasons Everlea Is Perfect For Downsizers

The concept of downsizing your home is one that is becoming more prevalent with individuals and couples attracted to a finer, more comfortable lifestyle as they head into the mature years of life. Everlea Keysborough offers downsizers all the comforts and conveniences they could hope for with its premium location and townhouse designs catering to every modern need. If you’re a downsizer that… Read More

The Playful & Plentiful Child Care Options At Everlea Keysborough

When you are part of a young growing family, there are many firsts to look forward to. First laugh, first steps, and then the anticipated first day of child care. As any parent will tell you, there is a comprehensive criterion that must be satisfied when selecting a… Read More

Recreation & Retail | The Comforts and Convenience Offered At Everlea

There are so many contributing factors that make a house a home, and most important among them is access and proximity to a blended mix of recreational and retail spaces. If you’re considering buying in Keysborough, you’re buying into a lifestyle that connects you closely with a whole… Read More