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Everlea News

Everlea Keysborough | Are You Eligible For The First Home Owners Grant?

There are understandably many factors to take into consideration when finding a property, especially if it’s your first home. The First Home Owners Grant is an option available to Victorians only until 30 June, 2020, and only with a limited number of Everlea Keysborugh townhouses eligible under this… Read More

HomeCo Shopping Centre Opens Next Door to Everlea

Everlea is very pleased to welcome HomeCo Shopping Centre as its neighbour, with its official opening on 27th November 2019. Enhancing the convenience of daily life for every resident of Everlea Keysborough, HomeCo’s premium operators will provide a diverse service offering that complements the already accessible and connected… Read More

Everlea Keysborough | Designed to grow with you

Everlea is its own private sanctuary, made up of a collection of bespoke townhouses inspired by community and nature. Currently under construction, Everlea has already attracted a diverse group of residents to this neighbourhood, each of them sharing the desire to live in a connected community in the… Read More

Everlea Civil Works Commence In Melbourne’s Growth Suburb of Keysborough

Civil works have commenced at the highly anticipated development at 452 Cheltenham Road. Drawing inspiration from nature and community in the layout and design, this sought after townhouse development is one of the last of its kind and selling strong. With the suburb of Keysborough out-performing the years before it… Read More